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AWRA 2019 Spring Specialty Conference 
Setting Conditions for the Success of Integrated Water Resources Management
March 23-27, 2019

Embassy Suites by Hilton – Downtown Old Market, Omaha, NE


Abstract Submittal
ABSTRACTS MUST BE RECEIVED VIA THE WEB SITE ON OR BEFORE November 16, 2018. Membership in AWRA is encouraged but is not a requirement for presentation.

Abstracts are being sought for both oral and poster presentations; no papers are required and a list of topics is provided.   AWRA Conference programs consist of three to four 90-minute concurrent sessions in four different time slots over the three-day specialty conference (12 to 16 sessions per day).  A session is typically four 20-minute talks, leaving about 10 minutes for discussion or additional Q & A.  Posters are usually placed in the exhibit hall so that you can browse and talk to the authors.  One important caveat:  all presenters must pay the appropriate conference registration fee.

Before submitting your abstract, please have all the following information with you:

  1. Name, title, employer affiliation, full mailing address, email address, phone and fax numbers of the main contact and the presenting author. 
  2. Names, affiliations and email addresses of co-authors.
  3. Type of presentation: oral, poster, either oral or poster, panel  
  4. Abstract Title
  5. Abstract (350 words or fewer) 
  6. Credit card information for payment of required abstract submittal fee ($25) (Payment of the abstract fee must be made, before abstract submission can be completed.)  The fee is non-refundable and will not be credited toward the cost of the presenter’s conference registration fee.

Click here to start the abstract submittal process.

Topical Sessions
The conference organizers welcome individuals who wish to propose an oral session(s) on a specific topic and enlist speakers to submit abstracts. Please inform Michael Campana (aquadoc@awra.org, 541-602-4085) Technical Program Co-Chair, by October 16, 2018 and provide the title, a description of the proposed session, and names, emails, and affiliations of the prospective speakers and their topics.  The conference organizers will review each session proposal to ensure there are no duplicate sessions.  Note that a topical session can occupy more than one 90-minute slot. For example, if 8 speakers are recruited, then two 90-minute slots would be reserved. Topical session speakers must submit their own abstracts and pay the submittal fee and conference registration fee.

Panel Sessions
To convene a panel session to promote discussion on a particular issue the convener must send a panel proposal to Michael Campana, Technical Program Co-Chair (aquadoc@awra.org, 541-602-4085) by October 16, 2018.   The proposal must contain the panel title, description, and the panelists' names, emails, titles and affiliations. The co-chairs will evaluate all proposals and provide responses and approvals by October 30, 2018.  If the panel is approved, the convener will submit ONE abstract providing the panel's title and description, the panelists and what they will discuss, and the name, email address, title and affiliation of each panelist.

Review of Abstracts and Notification of Acceptance 
Soon after the November 16, 2018 deadline, abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee for originality, technical merit, currency, and relevance to the conference topics. Authors' suggestions for topic and format placement (oral, panel or poster) will be considered, but the Committee will make the final decision. The quality of the submitted abstract will be viewed as an indication of the quality of the presentation. Previous performance or failure to give timely notification of cancellation at previous annual and specialty conferences may influence the decision for acceptance.  Abstracts received after the deadline may not be considered or accepted.

Acceptance notification will be made via email to the presenting author by mid-December 2018.  Submitted and accepted abstracts will be available for viewing in the AWRA Conference App.  All conference attendees, including presenters, must pay the conference registration fee.

Cancellation Policy
Before submitting an abstract, authors should be confident that they will have funding to pay the registration fee, attend the meeting, and make the presentation. If the presenter finds he/she cannot attend then they should attempt to find another person to make the presentation.  Late cancellations and failures to give scheduled presentations are disruptive and leave gaps in the program that are distracting to all attendees.  If cancellation is unavoidable, the presenter should notify Patricia Reid at pat@awra.org by February 8, 2019.  Cancellations made after this date will be assessed a cancellation fee.